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     ... Agency "FLORENS & TINCKLEBELL " deals with the education of children, organizing public events, providing services in the household and various human activities that are related to work with children, handicapped, children from socially disadvantaged families, abused children, care for abandoned babies, work with deaf and dumb children, talented children, working single parents, abused women, elderly care and support.

     ... FLORENS NIGHTINGALE - the first nurse and the founder of the school for nurses. The caring for people, life and health, she unite in one profession - NURSE. The self-sacrifice, the humanity, the understanding, the honesty are all, in my belief, part of this occupation. Working as a nurse in a medical service, I experienced the beauty and humanity of the profession, as well as the general principle : " A HEALTHY MIND, IN A HEALTHY BODY ". "BETTER TO PREVENT  THEN TREAT".

     Being a single mother I found myself in front of huge problems, such as: jobs, children and their needs, stingy wallet, the environment in which living, OLD PARENTS ... AS PRESIDENT GENERAL ORGANIZATION OF THE RED CROSS, local community, "Bistrica" I met with the problem of their fellow citizens who are socially vulnerable or old and abandoned.

     For this reason I decided to help those who need help regardless of their religious and national orientation or affiliation.

     ... The Dreamland is too far away, the magic dust is out of reach, but we are here in the KAĆE DEJANOVIĆ street no.3. of Bistrica. Everything is beautiful and new around us : the parking lots are big and wide, trees, bushes, grass wherever you turn; air is clear, especially when the breeze from Andrevlje pay us a visit.

     The stations are alternating - the first stop is the WONDERLAND, the second is the LAUGHTER LAND, the third is the NOODLE LAND and so on, and so on, till the journey is stopped by the parents. But we keep our heads up and aren't sad, because we know that tomorrow the Play land will wait for us again.